About The Locker Guy

Tom Corbett is the President/Owner of The Locker Guy and TC Storage Solutions. Tom started in the Locker & Storage Shelving Business in 1971 at Modern Bin Equipment Company working in the warehouse as an assembler & installer. Al Hein, who founded Modern Bin in 1947, wanted Tom to become an outside sales rep just like his father Dick Corbett, so he promoted Tom to the office in 1978. Al Hein had sold Modern Bin to Superior Products and it was at that time that Republic Storage Systems wanted Modern Bin to get more involved in the Locker Sales and Tom was promoted to head up that department.

In 1991 Tom left Modern Bin to become a partner in JTD Industrial Supply. After a few years Tom left JTD to go back to Modern Bin after Superior Products had sold the company. In 2001 Modern Bin was sold to the Material Handling Group in Savage, MN and Tom was recruited to start up the Locker department to compliment their material handling business. Mike Quinn, the owner of the Material Handling Group, was ready to retire in 2004 and was closing the company so Tom started up his own business, The Locker Doctor. Tom brought along 2 of the more experienced installers  to keep the same quality service and detailed work that kept customers satisfied. The company name was changed to The Locker Guy in 2007.